PLAY!  Learning in Action

  • Play is an ongoing process of learning, exploring, and questioning.
  • Our goal is to help children develop cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally through play. In fact, Erikson's Stages of Development for ages 3-6 is also labeled "play age". It is during this time that a child finds purpose through successful manipulation of the social interactions involved with playing.
  • We utilize free and structured play times. We encourage room organizations that include many areas of play. For example; dramatic play, art, large motor, and small manipulation.
  • Play usually correlates with the "letter of the week".
  • We have a large selection of manipulatives that enhance fine and gross motor skills. 


  • The workbooks used in the 4 year old program were developed exclusively for Trinity by Trinity teachers. They were developed to coincide with the Lippincott letterbooks used in our Kindergarten program. They follow the systematic phonics format (C, O, G, A , etc) which allows students to build upon the previous letter learned. Many schools are now using this same format!
  • Our Kindergarteners use Lippincott letterbooks.
  • The workbooks integrate reading, writing, spelling and grammar. The letterbooks help to teach children to follow directions through listening activities which enhances their attention span.
  • Workbooks typically follow the "letter of the week" and are more project based than play based.
  • For math the Kindergarten uses Sadlier- Oxford, Progress in Mathematics. The topics studied include position, classification, comparison, patterns, number recognition, addition, subtraction, place value as well as time and money. We strive to integrate a knowledge of numbers, addition & subtraction, as well as writing numbers clearly.
  • Other age groups use manipulatives to intergrate counting and a knowlege of numbers.
  • Working in the workbooks require seat work necessary for moving into big school.
  • For the younger classes without workbooks, they begin to develop the skills necessary for seat work through circle time.

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